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Chicago's Finest Custom Jewelry

Why you should engage... a custom jeweler

Because you deserve it, first of all.

The places where one can buy jewelry in Chicago range from the sublime to the ridiculous: famous stores with breathtaking items at breathtaking prices, “credit jewelers” in every strip mall, warehouse stores and pawnshops. There’s even that peculiar jewelry factory you see on television ads, where all the grinning employees wave at you.

What do all these places have in common? Inventory.

They have shelves of it, whole stores of it. They stock up on items ready for sale, confident they know what the average consumer wants. And if you are, indeed, average, we say: go to those stores.

Engaging Rings clients are far from average, however, not often willing to settle for off-the-shelf when custom jewelry is only a dream away. Call Dana (pronounced DAN-na) Stone, your Chicago Illinois custom jeweler, at 312.658.0366. You’ll find that first personal consultation ... engaging.

We serve our clients one at a time. You get the personal attention and discretion that only a private jeweler can deliver. Read what our clients have to say about us.